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Patrick Laroche's professional career began in 1985 in Brussels, through the meeting with the sculptor Roger De Jonckheere, First Prize of Rome. From 1985 to 1997, Patrick Laroche practiced marble carving, molding, enlargements, and the pointing machine technique. 


In 1997 he received the prize of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" for his hand-carved marble statue. 

Patrick Laroche's work is regularly exhibited in galleries and museums in Europe, the United States, Canada, Africa, and Asia. His contemporary pieces were exhibited at the Universal Exhibition, the FIAC fair, Art New York, Art Miami, and L.A. Art Show. Some of his works are part of permanent collections in Spain, Poland, and Canada.

A classical sculptor career

During his classical sculptor career, Patrick Laroche worked as a sculptor for the RMN (Réunion des Musées Nationaux) such as the Louvre Museum for which he produces the original model of the Victory of Samothrace and the enlargement of the bas-reliefs of the Fountain of the Innocents by Jean Goujon. Commissioned by the RMN, Partick Laroche also produced a sculpture of Jean-Jacques Rousseau for the city of Montmorency and a bust of the actor Philippe Léotard for the Roman Theatre of Fréjus in France. 


His experience with casts and reductions made him join several archaeological projects such as one for the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul in 1991. During this time, Patrick Laroche worked on the 8-meter-high statues of Apollo, Artemis, and Leto in Claros.


In 1992, Patrick Laroche received a visit from the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in his studio, for whom he designed and created models for the French fashion house Chanel.

Most recently in 2014, he realized the trophy for the international sailing competition "Route du Rhum". 

A contemporary vision

Patrick Laroche's contemporary work is distinguished by colorful and oversized Vegetables. In 2010, the artist launches "Vegetables", a collection combining sensuality, a keen sense of observation, and surrealism.

In 2012 the "Vegetables" collection is exhibited in Paris at the Pont Alexandre III, Les Invalides, and on Place Charles-de-Gaulle through a 6-meter-high major pieces installation. The pieces were then displayed on the sidelines of the International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris Saint Germain.

In 2015 Patrick Laroche gets chosen by the French government to represent France at the World Expo in Milan. Three "Vegetables" installations were exhibited at the French Pavilion such as a 4 meters high colorful artichoke.

Art Furniture creation

Architecture and design are never far from Patrick Laroche's thoughts. In 2020, the sculptor launched his art first art furniture collection inspired by natural patterns. As a result, he combines marble, bronze, wood, alabaster and gold leaf, with the aim of creating unique and unconventional pieces. 

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