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Over the years, the artist's work has evolved towards a more contemporary aesthetic. In 2010, Patrick Laroche launched his "Vegetables" collection, fusing sensuality, observation and surrealism. His colorful, oversized installations grace the streets, captivating the public eye.

Two years later, the "Vegetables" collection was integrated into iconic Parisian landmarks such as the Pont Alexandre III, Les Invalides and Place Charles-de-Gaulle, with monumental installations up to six meters high. These major works are also exhibited alongside the Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain (FIAC), reinforcing the artist's reputation.

In 2015, the artist's creations were selected by the French government to represent the French pavilion at the Milan Universal Exhibition. His works testify to his commitment to ecological awareness for the theme "L'Alimentation de Demain" (Tomorrow's Food).

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